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💰Sell me your European cars💰

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Never seen this model car, Styer is an Austria brand.

https://www.lotsearch.de/lot/steyr-200-baujahr-1938-5541132   3400€! not a lot.

Parts? look on German website and Austrian web site. https://steyrregister.com/markt/ ( in German langue )

Keep in mind; in the  2 war a lot of cars are destroyed and metal was used for weapon production. 


Steyr is building for  BMW now https://www.automobielmanagement.nl/auto-economie-buitenland/2022/06/22/bmw-bouwt-nieuwe-ev-aandrijflijnen-in-oostenrijk/?gdpr=deny

Canadese onderdelengigant Magna. is the owner of Steyr in Austria.

BMW 5-Reeks, Jaguar I-Pace, Jaguar E-Pace en de Mercedes G wagon.

Pervious also the Peugeot RZC

Steyr is a brand of tractors and military trucks, jeeps.

Hope this info helps.







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