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Earl car find in Australia.

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I have just been contacted by an acquaintance who knows of a derelict Earl car(s) on a farm here in Australia. The main car is apparently under cover but there are two or three "Chassis" outside.

Would there be any members interested in this or know of any other Earl cars? I will probably follow this up regardless.

Thank you

Bernie Jacobson


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My faithful "Complete Encyclopedia of Motor Cars edited by G N Georgano tells me that the Earl was a continuation of the Briscoe  made in Jackson Michigan between 1914 and 1921 having been originallydesigned in France. Benjamin Briscoe who had previously been involved with Maxwell Motor Cars. It goes on to tell us that between 1921 and 1923 approximately 2000 cars were produced. We now know that at least three came to Australia. These are currently on a remote property in an area known as Germantown in Victoria, about 150 miles from my home. I am now considering the best way to recover the one more or less complete car and if possible the more complete of the two chassis.

This would be a major exercise .

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With such a rare car, I am surprised/disappointed at the complete lack of interest in these. Perhaps one of the people from the USA reading this (if any) could tell us how many "Earls" survive in their country?

After all, this is, I believe, the Antique Automobile Club of America's Forum.


Bernie Jacobson, (Enthusiast).

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