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1981 MIGI roadster FOR SALE

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MG Reproduction. Fiberglass body, VW motor.  

For additional photos and information and online bidding go to 'Eugene Krueger Estate’ sale (https://www.aumannvintagepower.com/auction/eugene-krueger-estate-car-and-truck-collection-61045/details) until May 29, 2022.  On May 29 in-person auction with online bidding. Plan to sell: 1949 Austin Healy; 1925,36,40,49 Buick; 1929,31 Cadillac; 1936,37,41,55,70,2001 Chevrolet; 1937 Chrysler; 1928,53 Dodge; 1928 Erskine; 1910,24,3@25,28,30,41,42,50,54,70,87,89,90 Ford; 1928 Franklin; 1953 Hudson; 1926 Hupmobile; 1946 Jeep; 1948,50,53Lincoln; 1950Mercury; 1981 MIGI; 1929 Nash; 1978 Oldsmobile; 1929 Packard; 1925 Peerless; 1928,41,46,49 Plymouth; 1928 Reo; 1930 Whippet; 1924 Willy'sOverland


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