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1927 Stutz front water brakes.


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Someone has installed 13" hydraulic brakes on the rear and just front drums and inner bolt on bladder-show holder is left on front axle. Found that 45-68 1 ton Dodge Power Wagon has the same 14" diameter brake size. Was able to make an adapter to use the Dodge backing plate bolting thru the adapter into the Stutz front spindle. Can still use the Stutz brake drum. All these parts except the adapter that I made can be obtained at Vintage Power Wagons in Fairfield Iowa. The adapter spaces the Dodge backing plate 1/4" outward, has ID that locates on the Stutz spindle OD and an OD that locates the ID of the Dodge backing plate. Stutz 8 hole pattern needs to be placed along with attachment with oval socket head screws so Stutz hub-brake drum bolts do not hit. 

I imagine most have already converted by now but if anyone needs help contact me. jwbrew15@aol.com

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