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For Sale "Rare" 1923 Model A Duesenberg Project "Two Man Racecar"

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For Sale From my husband Nyle Reed Collection. This Rare 1923 Model A Duesenberg project "Two Man Racecar"

1. Licenced (DMV Registered) 

2. 1923 Model A Duesenberg Engine Straight 8. 3 Litre. Acquired in Early 2000 from Randy Ema.  My husband invested over $9,000. With Cal's Engine & Machine in Oakdale Ca. They Rebuilt the

     cylinder head, grind camshaft, Rebabbitt Rods, grind Crankshaft, Cleaned inside block etc. to get the Engine working correctly, and effective.  Cal's Engine & Machine had the Duesenberg

     Engine in there shop for three years. (Have Receipt that shows what was done))

3. 80mm Rouge Wire Wheels (5) with Rims, 10 Hub Spindles, Hub Spindle wrench, 4 Rear hubs (2) Left, 6 Front Hubs. In 2007 my husband invested $5,000. to have hubs, and wrench made.

    (Have Receipt that shows work done from S & S Machine from Roseville, CA)

4. 5 Axles with hubs. (3) Three original, (2) Reproduced. Plus 3 Extra hubs 1 Original, 1 Reproduced. 1 needs to be Ridged. 6 Reproduced hubcaps.

5. Duesenberg Transmission, Generator, and Dist.

6. V8 Transmission with Adaptor plate. Adapted to Duesenberg Engine. (My husband was going to use the V8 trans. for speed, he planned to Race the Duesenberg).

7. Model A Duesenberg Front Axle, and Rear Axle Housing with reproduction cover plate. Affix to Essex frame

8. Essex Frame (Used in early racecars in the 1920s)

9.Duesenberg Radiator Grill, and connecting rods acquired from Randy Ema

10.Leaf Springs

11.Duesenberg oil pan, plus 2 reproduction pans, and pattern (My husband had made)

12.(3) Three housing covers, and pattern (my husband had made)

13.Lots of original Model A Duesenberg parts acquired from previous Duesenberg owners.

Sold As One Lot.  Will Not Split Up. Buyer responsible for loading, and shipping. As Is

Asking price  $65,000.  

California (559) 431-0469   Email: nyleeloise@hotmail.com

1923 model A Dusen. Eng. Straight 8 - Copy.jpg

1923 model A Dusen. Straight 8 Engine.jpg

1923 model A Duesen. Trans. and V8 trans. adapted to Dusen. engine.jpg

1923 model A Dusen. 80mm Rouge wheels.jpg

1923 Model A Duesen.1.jpg

1923 model A Duesen.2.jpg

1923 model A Duesen.4 - Copy.jpg

1923 model A Duesen.5  - Copy.jpg

1923 model A Duses. springs and misc. model A parts.jpg

1923 model A Duesen. connecting rods 8.jpg

1923 duese.jpg

1923 model A Duesen. Rear housing cover.jpg

1923 model A Duesen.6 patterns - Copy.jpg

1923 model A Duesen. Rims.jpg

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