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They srewed me around for 4 or 5 months about a year ago. Didn't fill my order completely ,even though they charged my credit card for whole order, and wouldn't credit a core charge to my credit card even though UPS said they received the core. I raised cain on this forum telling everybody to watch out, they would screw you. They finally took care of everything. I never had any quarrel with the quality of their merchandise---only with their business practices, which stunk. Been getting everything from "Cars" and "BOB'S", both of whom are great. Buick World has some stuff I would like, but I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole.

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I have been dealing with Buick World (it was called Buick Specialist) for a long time. They were very very good and friendly especially Jim. I always asked for him. Over a year ago, maybe even longer, he was (fired, let go, quit) take your pick I heard all different stories. The owner and him had a fight. Then I called a while back and Jim answered. Him and 1 or 2 other guys bought it from the owner and change the name to Buick World. I had a master cylinder (it's a long story) refund coming and it took forever and many many phone calls (with no return calls that were promised) and many promises of credit. I finally called Jim and said I was waiting on the phone until he assurred me the credit was applied. This problem was during the transition period. It was not very friedly, the former owner locked the warehouse and they could not get to it for a long time. I think some records were also missing for a while. I have had a couple of orders since then with no problems. Jim, 75 Buick, Series 75, 4 door hardtop, pink over white.

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I purchased a front fender for a '62 LeSabre from them awhile ago and when it didn't come I called them up and asked why. They told me that the original fender they were going to send me was not as good as they had originally told me and they were trying to find a better one. A few weeks passed and then I received a perfect fender, dropped shipped from another vender. They had gone the extra mile to make sure I received what I was looking for. THIS IS ABOVE AND BEYOND WHAT I WOULD NORMALLY EXPECT FROM ANY OTHER PARTS VENDER!

During the switch over they were having a lot of problems, but I think most of them have been taken care of now. The local Buick Club Chapter has even gone to their warehouse, as a chapter project, to help them get things organized. <img src="http://www.aaca.org/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />

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I didn't have any trouble with them either until this last order. They could have sent me something every month and by now the bill would have been almost nothing. They made money on my good nature. Now they don't want to pay the bill. I too go out of my way for Buick enthusiasts. Many times I send out center caps to people and just ask them to send a check when they get them. Now I can't do that anymore. Another guy in Fargo, ND recently stiffed me for a set of caps. I don't like to take credit cards, so it's often been easier to just send the order out in advance. Mitch

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Living in the Seattle area I thought these guys would be a blessing when it came to restoring an old Sportwagon. I made calls and was assured they had all the wagon specific trim and pieces I was looking for and they would call me when they located it. They never called, I finally ventured out to their location in hopes of securing the needed parts (I had cash burning a hole in my pocket). I can attest that they have a ton of Buick stuff, NOS, good used etc. but it was very disorganized. They were nice enough but I utimately left with nothing. They took my order for a carpet set and said they would call when it arrived. 8 months later I am still waiting for that call at which time I will inform them I purchased one from someone else about 6 months ago. These guys are not con men, but I truly doubt they adhere to the customer service credo. I hope for the Buick enthusiast they do eventually get it all sorted out-cause they got a lot of good stuff!

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Guest 70 Electra

Over the past few years I've called and written these slackers several times with specific needs. In all cases they've NEVER called back, or returned my letters (that included SASE!).

I guess I should stop gripin' and consider myself lucky, since I never gave 'em any of my $.

How hard can it be to just be honest and follow-through? As tough as it is to find NOS these days, it's a terrible shame Buick owners can't count on this vendor as a resource.

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Guest scott mich bca # 6619

I have know & dealt with Jim Macy for over 6 years. First throught Buick Specialists,

and later as Buick World. We buy, sell and trade items from each other. At no time

have they or he ever treated me wrong, or not paid me.

I do know that he is going through tough times right now. He did buy the business from

the former owners, and there is a lot of skeletons in the closet, so to speak, that are

rearing their heads.

Jim is a honest guy. He may not ship something exactly when he promises, or things

may take longer that they should, but it is not intentional. It is not a scam company.

They have over 18 warehouses of parts, both new, used and NOS. The property owners

just foreclosed on the warehouses, so they now have moved all 18 warehouses of

parts into one location, at a moments notice. This spells total chaos.

I hope that Jim does clear up all of his debits, this may take some time. I do also feel

we all have to give him a chance and support him, because without us, his business

will fold, and we will all loose.

Scott Mich

BCA # 6619

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