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Chalmers Order for new 1914 Model 24


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I have attached a .pdf file of page 1 of a set of vintage papers I have in my collection.

As you can see, it is a sales transaction for a 1914 Chalmers Model 24-7.  There are 8 sheets of the original documents, in very good condition.  They include the final invoice, the penciled copies of the original order discussions and quotes to customer, an a doodle sheet where someone was figuring the price and markup for the special tires ordered.


I  would like it to find a home with a Chalmers Owner.  I am asking $50 for them, and I will send by USPS.



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Hi.  There may be a couple of methods used to identify these Autos.  The car on my documents is referred to as Car No. 38056

Who knows?, Any chance your car came from the Chicago Dealership?  This makes for interesting detective work.


Let me know if you are interested in papers.  If I don't get any other interest in a couple of weeks, I may post to the Paperwork, memorabilia forum.  I was hoping to keep it in the Chalmers family.



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