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Oxygen Sensor, Box End Wrench, MPG


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I managed to replace an Oxygen Sensor w/ a box end wrench. Working from above Rt. front fender, wire disconnected(top end), place wrench open end pointing toward passenger seat and below level of Ox. Sensor, slipped wire through box end and box end on nut of O.S. Tailpipe slightly warm to the touch. O.S. came loose easily.

Old readings:

......(Cruise on, flat terrain, 65 mph)

Averages of two readings:

ED-18 43 (42/44)

ED-19 131 (130/133)

ED-20 130 (129/131)

ED-22 71 (71/71)

Padgett-Drove 911 miles, about 850 on interstate at or above 75-80 mph.

Got 21 MPG.

I think 91's get less gas mileage than earlier models w/ different gear ratios?

Will post new ED readings and gas mileage w/ new Sensor.

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First Hy. trip w/ new Bostch Oxygen Sensor report.

Trip was 410 miles and cruise was set at 78 MPH about 80% of the time and other 20% was at or above 65 MPH.

Tis a 91 and Tach reads 2500 RPM at 80 MPH. ( if you have earlier model note 91 runs at higher RPM for any given speed)

I was surprised to get 25.5 MPG at this speed,A/C off, about the same as old 89 I owned. The 89 would get 29-31 MPG at 65 MPH.

Before the new O. Sensor I was getting about 22 MPG so it appears the new sensor improved both Hy. and city MPG.

I also recorded new readings-Cruise set at 65 MPH.






Appreciate any comments?????????

I was going to add VM is steady at 12 O'clock as is Temp. w/ 180 thermostat(OAT 73*), Oil pressure is one click / 1/2 segment to right of 12 O'clock but as I watched the Oil Pressure Sensor started to fail-high offscale. It's always something.

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