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As you can probably tell from my user name I have a 1983 Hurst Olds. The original 307 engine blew, and I am replacing it with a 1972 350 Rocket engine that I will be rebuilding over the winter (the engine was running when removed from original vehicle, and the flywheel still turns, so I am hoping the block is in good shape - it was sitting in a heated garage the last 8-10 years.). Over the summer I plan on doing a full restoration. Car has 108,000 miles. About all I have done so far is to rebuild the front suspension. It's too cold to do much else right now.

Would be interested to know if anyone has rebuilt this car, anything special to watch for, etc????

Anyone in the Chicago area know anyone who is real good with olds engines - crankshaft balancing, block honing, etc?

Looking forward to chatting with everyone...


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