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engine swap on 64 lesabre


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I have 64 lesabre with a 300 4 barrell motor and a 400 trans. It runs fine but is harder than heck to find parts for on short notice. First let me say this car is apart and is going to be a custom. Its getting all new every thing so wiring and radiator is not a problem. I can change to what works. Im looking for somthing that will bolt right to my frame mounts with little or no modifcations to frame or front suspention.And most importantly somthing you can get a simple water pump or parts for that is readily available from a local parts store. This car is being build for the powertour and rod&custom shows. I need a motor you can get some aftermarket parts for also. finned valve covers.etc. Will a 401 work and can you get parts for it.Im open to suggestions.And a motor and trans.Anyone have anything that doesnt need rebuilt.I would swap motors if thats of any interest to anyone or sell mine outright. Thanks Tim.e-mail is also tbair@peoplepc.com confused.gif [color:\\"red\\"]

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401 or 425 just get the frame mounts and harware off car it comes out of including tranny and drive shaft yoke. 401 will read 445 on aircleaner while 425 reads 465 these are the torque ratings.

yes you can get parts gakets available through felpro even for your 300. NAPA should have most other stuff including rings and bearings, Grant makes rings, Clevite bearings.

Buick engines in general not hard to get for. I can get everything for my obscure 322's (1956).

Good luck and I hope you have a good supply of tires you will need them after you burn them off ha!

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