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1942 Lincoln 3 Window Coupe -project old mild hot rod posting soon for sale..


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Hello-- Yes - I am in Rochester NY -- I am Close to putting this for sale - I Have everything now 99 % -took me a year to find missing or better parts Have almost 2 of everything now-- I have several other Projects and no room -This one in reality could be a project driver with brakes done and the new street rod wiring kit I am including -Only body cut was the front floor /firewall area to fit the 51 caddy engine- this is the real deal 50's-60's basic mild hot rod--real patina-I am going to give the guys here a chance first and the jalopy journal gents- -as much as I wish I can keep them all - i cant - I have a 2 car garage and a storage unit, due to this car sickness I have-LOL
I will be listing it for about 25k-- Ty Mark  in Rochester NY

1942- lincoln driving up into garage fall 2019..jpg

1942 lincoln rr rt.jpg

1942 lincoln side pic.jpg

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