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Guest Greg Ross

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Guest Greg Ross


thanks for asking.

BB is working quite well and no "STOP" spin tires on pavement,

cause "ATSID" apt to slide into ditch!

The new 3800 is delightful, really hauls, the major complaint I've got to sort out is the very high idle at cold start. Am half way through getting the VSS working correctly. Padgett put me on to "Dakota Digital" who offer an electronic module for compensation of "pulses per mile" between the Vehicle Speed Sensor and the BCM/ ECM. Managed to get it partly calibrated last night so that at least it doesn't max out at 124 mph at anything above 20 mph actual.

I'm not setting any codes at all now, Cruise Control worked last night with some VSS correction and just one perplexing thing left to get sorted out.

I was having some surge in the throttle happening after letting off the gas, Went prodding around with cruise Control and found that with the Cruise Cancel Switch/ Valve removed from the Brake Pedal that complaint went away, but it did seem to affect the IAC response/ timing advance? That was with the ECM being fed maxed out speed (over 124 mph) Now with some better VSS indication and that "Cancel Switch" reinstalled it's acting like Cruise is still partly engaging. When letting off on the gas it will only drop back and hang up at about 1500 rpm. When the brake is touched it drops right back down to idle. With the erratic VSS I was getting the very occassional stall while slowing down until the brake pedal was applied. Threw this question to Padgett last night. His major concern was getting some accuracy back with the VSS indicated so the ECM wasn't so CONFUSED.

This has been a very minor aggrevation, as a standard it's now fun to drive comparitively and I'm very pleased I went ahead with the conversion. These now, the start-up/ back off idle and the VSS are minor little difficulties to overcome.

The "Big Stupid" got fixed last weekend, when putting the Console back together down South (with one good eye) I couldn't make the plug-ins to the radio module. Just glanced at the harness plugs and the silver box and told myself they ain't going to fit?? (In a rush of course!) Drove 2200 miles and then some with no entertainment, then last weekend took the Console apart and simply plugged everything back together! Had to make a few adjustments there anyway, I'd had to move a few things around a little bit to get everything reinstalled back around the Shifter. The Console is now all lined up the way it should be. And everything works. wink.gif

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