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86-93 Riviera/Reatta Illustrated Parts Breakdown and Reader


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I have an Illustrated Parts Breakdown (IPB) microfiche set and a 3M Microfiche Reader for sale. This set of microfiche slides covers the 86-93 Riviera and Reatta.

The reader is a 3m "Consultant 110", and is in very good condition.

For those who are not familiar with an IPB, this is what the dealer uses to identify parts and part numbers. It is also useful as an assembly/disassembly guide as it illustrates how the different components and parts go together.

Although many part numbers are probably superceded, you can also use this reference to find the part number you need, then search the numerous GM websites for that part. In many cases, I've seen some of these websites supply updated part numbers.

Before I put this on Ebay, I thought I would offer it to the group. I am asking $125.00 plus shipping. Pictures are available.

If interested, email me at;




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