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Cadillacs - old and new


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Another new Cadillac message-board. Good.

I've loved these fabulous cars ever since I was a teen, in Switzerland, back in the fifties.

When I got old and gray, I began using my new-found free time (after being "retarred"), to create and compile for all Cadillac-LaSalle enthusiasts like me, a VAST reference source of facts, figures, miscellany and (mainly) PICTURES about America's premier marque.

Called "The (new) Cadillac Database", I have since donated it to the Museum and Research Center of the Cadillac-LaSalle Club, Inc., although I have agreed to continue to maintain it and to add new facts and images on a regular basis.

Many of you true-blue Cadillac fanatics have visited the site and return there frequently. As for you newbies, I URGE you to take a look; there are currently more than 16,000 Cadillac-LaSalle images on line; I'm convinced you will like some of them!

Go to the following Web page, pick a topic in the Index page, then SURF!!!


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