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Is my speedometer the correct one


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Our 1918 DB touring has the needle type, Johns-Manville 115H LEFT HAND. The Master Parts List states that this particular model was used between car No. 158616 and car No. 740182 (May 1917 - June 1922). It also indicates that North East Model E was used optionally for the Johns_Manville 115H between car No. 447508 (March 1920) and car No. 740182. The following disclaimer was also printed at the beginning of the speedometers list: "We have outlined briefly the car record number with which each speedometer was used. This record is by no means complete. There has been a continuous overlap with each speedometer and in order that we may fill your order quickly and correctly, please state on your order the car number, maker's name and model of the speedometer desired." Choices were Jones, Johns-Manville, Van Sicklen, Stewart-Warner, and North East.

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