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I am trying install the Strato buckets in my 70 442. The interior was out of the car when I purchased it. It appears that front outside(by the doors)brackets are missing and the inside brackets are missing there front section. There is a stud welded onto the back of each inside brackets they do not appear to be stock. On the outside of both sides there are 2 threaded mounting holes in the floor pan, but they do not match the seat rails. I have fabricated brackets to replace the missing and I am unsure if I have the seats located properly. I leery to mount the brackets permanently. I saw brackets in one of the aftermarket catalogs that recommends you have to move the seats in by .75 in or else the retractor will hit the seat(if convert from bench to buckets). The seats are close to the console, and I do not have retractors yet. How wide are the retractors, what is the clearance between the seats and console? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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