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Chrysler Floppy Handle Dissambly

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Does anyone know how to disassemble the floppy handle window crank found on 1946-1948 Chryslers. I have the one with the plastic insert on the end of the floppy. I would like to disassemble and get them re-chromed. I also have a couple apart but cannot figure how to reassemble. Thanks

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Clyde, welcome to the AACA forums.

Perhaps you would get more/quicker results if you either asked your question in the Chrysler section above or in the technical section above that.  This section is about cars accepted by the Classic Car Club of America.  Specifically limited production high quality mostly pre-war automobiles as listed here  http://www.justcars.ca/classic_car_club_listings.html

You might also try a search (upper right) on either section or on the home page.

Someone here will have an answer for you.

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