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Squeezed this freshly rebuilt 455 into my pole bldg.that I just acquired to replace the one that got noisy. Damn right foot! Its a WF code 1238861 which denotes 72 GS 455", but it has 1970 head 1231786 and intake casting #s. Builder unknown, just rolled the dice cuz it was inexpensive! Car weighs 3,000 lbs. Should be fun under the pedal again come next spring! Woohoo! Im gonna need ta upgrade brakes.IMG_20150419_153640.thumb.jpg.42989322d769cf4e398bd9ef0465a400.jpg20191117_155000.thumb.jpg.035e8de122a90fa3e8a93aec244fdb21.jpg20191117_154456.thumb.jpg.84ddc38f7d9813a16adf25f1d7995bcf.jpg


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