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Chcuk - no joke ! I saw the CLASSIC CHEVROLET CLUB advertising for members at the Pomona (Calif) Swap Meet a couple of years ago. I also saw something about a CLASSIC THUNDERBIRD CLUB! There is a CLASSIC TRUCK monthly car magazine...when is the last time you went to the automotive section of a big magazine store...it is getting difficult to find ANY old used car or truck that is NOT a "classic"....!

Yeah....aint that a "doozie"......!

Pete Hartmann

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It's just a sign of the times. In the small town where I get my mail, population 11,000, there are 9 companies in the yellow pages called "Classic" something-or-other.

If you really are looking for something to do, go to www.google.com and type the word "classic" in the search window. Let me know when you have finished reading them all. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif" alt="" />

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