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Old Automotive magazines


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I have 3 copies of Autobody and the Reconditioned Car, June 1953, January and March 1954, excellent condition. 3 copies Motor Service Magazine, March 15, 1947, Oct. 15, 1947, and July 15, 1949, good condition, July and March the covers have fallen off. Dupont Refinisher News, several 1945 through 1949. Southern Automotive Journal, Sept., through Dec., 1948, June 1959, Jan and Feb, 1961. All in good condition. 1949 Chevrolet passenger car Advance Body Service Information booklet. For the collector I have a 1955 Craftsman tool catalogue and a 1946 Cornwell Quality Tool catalogue (no. 24). I have 5 Mechanics Illustrated, Dec. 1947, June 1948, March & Dec. 1949, and Jan. 1950. Fair condition, some missing covers. harley_N_lace@cox-internet.com [color:\\"blue\\"]

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