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Gas tank sending unit


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I need some help/recommendation from the members of this forum. I have a postwar Packard (don't hold that against me). My problem is that on an annual basis I end up removing the gas tank sending unit and sending it out for Repair (either calibration is off or float is no good). After the first 2 annual outings, I decided to invest in a NOS unit and now after a year guess what. Yup, it sunk (started reading 1/2 when the tank was full and today went to "E"). I checked the wiring and it is fine, so I am getting ready to drop the tank yet again.

But this is what I need from the members of the CCCA forum: A recommendation on who is the best company/individual to send this one out for Repair. I figure that CCCA members are very particular about who rehabs sometimes one of a kind parts, you guys would know who is the best.

Thanks in advance for helping.

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After giving up trying to get my local auto parts counterman to come up with a tank sending unit I could use in my '38 Pacard V-12, I walked into a boat supply place and bought an "off-the-shelf" sending unit, which even had an adjustable float so you could set it up regardless of tank depth. It seems to work just fine with my car's six volt electrical system. Over the years, the SAE standard for impedance has changed, so at various tank fuel levels, you MIGHT have some inaccuracies.

Good luck - let us know how it turns out !

Pete Hartmann

Big Springs AZ

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I had to repair my original sending unit as well in the 54 packard, it has a thin brass grounding strap under the cover inside that cracked on both (Used brass shim stock as a replacement) units i had, as well as soldered an extra ground strap to the top of the sending unit that connects inside the trunk.

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