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1938 DB Headlights


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> I have a 1938 DB 1.5 ton truck. "Mary Louise" is the 26th truck of the Los

> Angles plant. I am in need of the correct headlights. Actually any headlights close to the correct shape or size. Also any photos of

> what she should look like would be appreciated. It has the two speed rear

> end and the five speed gearbox. I have found a manual on the net, and know

> of the owners from 1948. I am planning to restore this truck. Any help and

> or resources would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Mike

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I would recommend you to join the Dodge Brothers Club. The club dues yearly and well worth the investment. Yes I am a member and have found and purchased lots of parts for my 1923 Dodge. I don?t know anybody with a 1.5 ton but I do have a friend with a 1938 Dodge .5 (1/2) ton. If you would like some pictures let me know. I usually read this section somewhat daily at lunch.


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