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Series 14 Parts Book and Series 14 Instruction Manual Published


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The Club's Library has published the Series 145 and 147   Parts  Catalogue. This gives factory drawing numbers.  Many of the drawings are available from the Club's website.
look up ISBN 1095816853 at On-Line Book Stores (such as Amazon)

Also Published is the Series 145 and 147 Instruction Book for the Owners and Mechanics

look up ISBN 107834146x on Amazon., Due to format restriction, only Amazon carries it. 


All Royalties go to the Club. Buy several.


Look at the Club's Website for the full list of Published books. The library can supply Reproduction manuals and parts books for those not yet published. We only publish when we run out of stock on the reproductions. 

S-14 Parts.jpg

S-14 Instructions.jpg

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