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Lots of Buick Parts


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If you are in the Southern California area, or you don't mind paying shipping then you should check out Memory Lane in Sun Valley immediately. They stip all makes of classic cars, but they currently have a large stock of Buicks that they are stripping.

I noticed 3 71-72 rivs. At least 3 68-70 Rivs, 3 65-66 skylarks, 3 64-65 Rivs, several other full size Buicks.

I saw a 71 Riviera there that was 85% complete. It had several rare options including Max Trac, Center Console, Rose colored interior, cornering lights, cruise control, and automatic level control. The engine needs a rebuild but the body is perfect. If someone is really interested they might be able to talk them into selling the whole car.

Check them out at

Memory Lane Collector Car Dismantlers

1131 Pendleton

Sun Valley, CA 91352

800-AT-YARD (in CA)


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