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What steering wheel is the most needed for our lincolns ? I was under the impression it was the red 46 to 48 wheel. We have an opportunity to make a good reproduction for less than 300 dollors in a run of 100 or 200 to 250 dollars in a run of 200 .I would like a straw pole to see if this is feasible.We leave for China in the middle of November .We are taking a good wheele to have a copy made. Please help with your opinion. Thank you Scott Okeefe

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Hi Scott, I personally commend you for your efforts, am just afraid that Lincoln and Zephyr people are unable to quickly come up with any committment that entails spending more than $1.95 American, and are content to look at their maroon or red Lincoln steering wheel with the huge crack in the spoke, and say to themselves, " Oh I will find a cherry used one any day now for $25.00 or less", even though it is well known all of them crack in the same place eventually, I am feeling a little hostile this evening, after 3 martinis, so rely on your own best judgement, OC

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