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how fast will it go??????


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my 72 skylark just got its heart back. the windage tray broke the last time i was at the track, along with the tires spinning through 1st,

and halfway through 2nd. it ran 14 flat.

i put in a new tray, fresh heads, a kenne bell cam w/ i think 490 lift but not sure, (my parent bought it for me), ta performance shorty headers

with 3" tubes all the way back and flow tech warlock mufflers with built in cut outs.

so now it has all that on top of the forged pistons, original b4b intake, 750 carb, hei, rebuilt trans w/ shift kit, 2000 stall conv, and no hop traction bars.

when i get to the track next friday, im going to bolt on some slicks.

WHATS IT GOING TO RUN ?????????????????????

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