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3.8 L supercharged engine swap to 27 "T"


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I'm planning on installing a supercharged 3.8 L.engine in to a '27 track "T". What year engine is the best to begin with? What chronic problems do these engines have and how do you deal with them? I've heard that they have less than stellar lubrication systems.

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First, please register for the forum, the later '96-up are the better, there's a lubrication system for the supercharger that's supposed to be check occasionally. There are tons of Rivieras, Regal GS and Ultras and Bonnevilles out there with this engine with lots of miles still going strong. Check out a couple of other sites, like: http://www.grandprixstore.com

http://www.3800performance.com and http://www.regalgs.org

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