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What shocks to use?


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Hello, ok, so I bought my coil springs from Coil Spring Specialties. I got 2" lower than stock. Will I be able to use the standard size shocks or do I need to find shorter ones? I wouldn't think 2" would make the shock bottom out. I was thinking about putting air adjustable shocks in the back. Any pros or cons to that? Thanks, Bman

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On the Shocks you could probably tell by looking at your old ones. See how much metal is showing when they are installed compared to the distance between the A-arm and the bump-stop. I bet it will be ok.

I put air shocks on the rear of my 71 Riviera. At the minimum recommended pressure or 25psi it sits at stock rear ride height. It used to sit lower because the rear springs are sagging. At 35psi it is even higher and I can notice more nose-dive when I stop. I can also bark the tires between gears cool.gifcool.gifcool.gif

If you have a lowered car you might want air bag suspension. And I don't know much about that.

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