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FS 1950 Buick Straight 8 Engine


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This rebuilt engine is sitting in the garage where my '64 Skylark Convertible is being restored. The garage owner says to sell it.

Serial # 5928366

Casting # 1339320-5

New Pistons .030 oversize

New rod bearings

New main bearings

New Gaskets

Oil Pump Kit

New motor mounts

New Water Pump

Reground camshaft

New Freeze Plugs

New Valve Guides

New rings .030 oversize

New timing chain & gear

New cam bearings

Vat Block & Heads & part

New Valve Guides

Ground valves

Reconditioned Generator

Reconditioned Starter

New Radiator core

Tanks cleaned on radiator

For questions on this engine you can call Larry Jenkins at Jenkins Purr-formance Center at 817 431-5980 or you may post them here and I will get them to Larry. Or, you can e-mail questions directly to me and I will get them to Larry.

The price is $500 + $100 for crating it to be shipped. Buyer pays to have it shipped or you can pick it up here in Keller, Texas.

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