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rare 57 Hudson For Sale


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A very special car, with alot of history. Is running and ready to be restored. The body is very solid, with the exception of the rusted out floor pans. It has power brakes and a continental pack (spare attached to back) also has air. This is a rare find, only 4500 produced that year, was started by american motors, as their last model, and finished by general motors in a buy out. We are asking $4500 according to book value, but make an offer. For pictures e-mail mitchandfaye@fortunehi-tech.net Thanks!

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Guest boettger

I'm a bit confused by your ad!

Yes, a 1957 Hudson is a rare breed.

Standard Catalog of American Cars lists the total production for 1957 at 4180 units. American Motors was formed in on March 24,1954 when the Hudson stockholders approved the merger of Hudson and Nash/Kelvenator to form American Motors. General Motors was never in the picture. The Nash and Hudson brands were kept through the 1957 model year. The last vehicle with the Hudson name was in 1957.

Is your car a super V-8 or a Custom V-8?

4Dr Sedan or 2Dr Coupe?

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I actually knew that, not that I am a classic car pro, in fact just the opposite, I have just recently been bitten by the bug after taking the hudson in on a trade in for a piece of heavy equipment. The car is so distinctive, I have been trying to read up on anything about it that I can get my hands on. My ad is really really bad. I apoligize. I am not sure if it is a super 8 or custom, I can only tell you it is a 4 barrel, engine#15729 It is a 4 door. The body was a tri-color, red and black with a white top. Thanks for straightening out the story blush.gifgrin.gif Faye

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