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Need 64 Special Coupe parts : All Seals, Window Channel, Console


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I have a 64 2 Door Post Coupe. I really need the following an am ready to buy right away :

Complete Window Channels for front and rear side windows - pre fab preferred bulk with right fit ok. Does not have to match origianl exactly

Rear Pass Side Window Glass - Will mechanism from 65 or so fit? If so will it be the better regulator type mechanism - Will buy replacement if it is better than factory 64 gear set type mech.

Complete set of rubber and seals - ALL - non original ok

Buckets Seats - could be out of new with head rest OK

Center Cosole - same year, newer ? Chevelle or other ?

Will buy all or part ASAP

Thank you for your help

Doug Snow

801 253 - 2028

asm@networld.com grin.gif [color:\\"blue\\"]

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