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I've read some past post about wedding rentals, and it didn't look promising, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try! I'm getting married 10/19/02 in Atlanta, GA and my fiance and I are looking for a classic car to take us from the church to the reception and from the reception to our hotel. Does anyone know of any place in the Atlanta area where one could rent a classic car, or a person who would be willing to drive their car for us? We could offer both monetary and food type compensation! Please respond either to the forum (so future readers may benefit from your knowledge) or to me directly at scboyd@alumni.brown.edu. Thanks!


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Hi, Sara:

Thank you for your interest in "classic" cars. First, do you have a clear idea what a "classic" car is ? These days, that word is not very descriptive ! We make jokes..that all you can learn, from a person who calls their car a "classic"...is that they 1) like it. or 2) probably want to sell it !

Technically, a true classic car is an unusually large, powerful, expensive luxury car from the late 1920's to the early 1940's. The overwhelming majority of these are private owned, and insured as personal vehicles. As such, we CAN NOT TAKE MONEY for the use of our vehicles; to do so would violate the terms of our insurance, leaving both you and us NOT insured. It would also most likely be in violation of both state and local law. The Classic Car Club Of America was SO successful in getting people to think there is something "neat" about the concept of the "classic", that now EVERYONE calls EVERYTHING they 1) like....or 2) want to sell to you....a "classic"....!

Your best and safest "bet" (and I suggest this to ANYONE looking "for a classic car for my wedding..party...etc".....is your local "Yellow Pages" under "Automobile Rentals". It might take a few telephone calls, but sooner or later you are likely to come across some specialty car rental place that does have a "nice cute / funny looking old car" that will give your wedding a nice touch.

Good luck !

Pete Hartmann


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