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FS Vintage ads 1909 - 1912


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Aloha early auto fans, I'm a dealer in Maui Hawaii and recently took in hundreds of pages of vintage automobile ads ca. 1909-12, many electrics, early models of makes now extinct, ads for tires and accessories, many full page, many in color. Please let me know if you have specific wants and if you'd like to receive lists as I get the things cataloged. This is what I have cataloged so far:<P>Two Lots vintage car ads (1911) 28 items in all<BR>Both lots for $120 postpaid<BR>Lot #1 18 full page $100 Lot #2 10 less than a page $35<BR>Digital pix on request. Prices include postage to any US destination<P>Lot #1<BR>18 black and white full page ads for vintage autos, trucks, tires and auto<BR>related accessories (all on sheets 8.75x11 in nearly new condition) Most<BR>with large<BR>detailed illustrations and prices. Each with unrelated text on verso (some<BR>of them have other auto ads on the back) All from LIFE (an early NYC weekly<BR>humor publication)<P>PIX PIX PIX virtually all with elaborate illustrations of what<BR>was then the latest word in automobile elegance, ads show cars in great<BR>detail, also descriptive text - most includes the price. Very attractive<BR>selection<BR>many of these autos have vanished, some were electric cars of the era, some<BR>of<BR>ads show factories or other mfg. sites.<P>All 18 in Lot #1 for $100 post paid<BR>or individually as priced post paid<BR>List follows some of these cars are electric<BR>1 Franklin Auto (Syracuse) $10<BR>1 Locomobile (Bridgeport, Conn) $10<BR>2 Maxwell (NYC) (1 no pix all text, 1 with pix) $10<BR>1 Willys-Garford (Toledo) nice drawing $10<BR>1 American Motors (Indianapolis) 2 stylish pix $15<BR>1 Thomas (Buffalo) nice drawing $10<BR>1 Columbia (NYC) all text $10<BR>1 White (Cleveland) detailed drawing, specs and priced $10<BR> Speedwell (Dayton) $10<BR>1 Firestone Tires (with chain of world racing records) $15<BR>1 Goodyear Tire and Rubber (Akron) $10<BR>1 Warner Auto-Meter Speedometer (Beloit Wisc) $10<BR>2 Hudson (Detroit) $15 pair<BR>3 Packard Cars and Trucks (nice trucks, look like covered wagons)<BR>(Detroit) $30<BR> ------------------<BR> Lot #2 Auto ads 1911, same sheet size but auto porition is LESS THAN A<BR>PAGE (Most about 8x5.5) lot of 10 different, ads have other text and other<BR>ads on the same page with them, and also unrelated text on back. Some are<BR>for electric cars.Lot #2 $35 post paid to any US destination<BR>1 Thomas (Buffalo)<BR>1 Haynes (Kokomo)<BR>2 Speedwell (Dayton)<BR>1 Good Year Tire and Rubber (Akron) (close trimmed at right edge)<BR>1 Detroit Electric Car/Anderson Electric Car (Detroit)<BR>1 Kelly Springfield Automobile Tires (NYC)<BR>1 Fisk Tires (Chicopee Falls, Mass)<BR>1 Rauch & Lang Carriage Co. (Cleveland)<BR>1 McFarlan Motor Car Co. (Connersville Ind.) (smaller 5x4)<BR> ---------------<BR> Email to reserve, will hold awaiting cc#/exp date and shipping<BR>info. Overseas shipment available with postage paid by buyer at actual cost.<P>Susan Halas,<BR>Prints Pacific<BR>Box 2664<BR>Wailuku, Maui USA 96793<BR>halas@maui.net<BR>(808) 244-7777 fax (808) 244-1031

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