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Fan on 41 Zephyr

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I need a bit of help. On my 41 LZ, the fan blade is loose--I can wiggle it front to back, and it turns with the engine off and in gear (and makes a sound like rubber squeaking). How do I tighten it? The vibration damper to which it's attached is tight, even with the bolt to the crankshaft removed, and the parts book doesn't show how it's put together.<P> confused.gif" border="0<p>[ 12-17-2001: Message edited by: dk ]

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Ok if it's like a 1940 Z the fan has a thin fiber disk sandwhiched between the damper vibration assembly or the springs that hold the damper together could be weak or the pin's that hold the two half's together could also be worn due to vibration.Usually they are trouble free, but after 60 years you should remove it and replace the springs and pins, or if the holes are worn and possibly some of the clips that hold springs and the two halfs together may have separated causing it to wobble. It will have to be removed from the crank shaft to do any repairs on it.I suggest you look for a replacement damper.<P>Bill Uhouse

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