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Windshield Wipers 1948 Lincoln Hook-up?

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I'm working on a 1948 Lincoln Continental<BR>windshield wiper system with a (4) four port Wiper control pull switch. (This switch has 4 hose connection) I have a Lincoln Service News letter dated Jan. 1947, In this letter the car has a three port control switch. (Some cars has 3 & some has 4 ports. I have the Vacuum tank with the Vacuum radio antenna. I would like to get some help in where to hook the hoses to the switch. the sevice news letter shows where the other hose goes.<BR>To share with you, with switch in the dash,<BR>the first two (To the rear of the car)hose connections (Left & Right) are the same size<BR>as the forward right. The forward left port is smaller than the others.<BR> confused.gif" border="0

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Willie:<BR>You need two (2) vaccum supply lines to wiper valve/switch.<BR>The reason you need 2 : one is for putting wipers back in neutral position; the other is for running the wipers.<BR>The best thing is to hook up all this on the bench, test it prior to installing.

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