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1909 Model T Coupe Body?


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I am posting the below question from early T Coupe owner Don Watson, Grover Beach, CA in my next newsletter, but thought some of this forms oldtimers might be able to help? <P>Don writes: "I saw the Scripps-Booth Register listed in Old Cars and am writing to ask you or possibly any of your members can help me. I'm interested in early Model T Coupes 1909-1910, and I understand that there was a man (now passed away) by the name of Webster Knight in Rhode Island who had a 1909 Model T Coupe mounted on a Scripps-Booth chassis. I’m wondering if anyone knows anything about this car, where he obtained the T body, and if anyone has photos of this car? I would also be interested in knowing something about Mr. Knight? Perhaps he was in your club one time or was at least listed as a Scripps-Booth owner?"<P>From a quick Internet search I found Webster Knight II was an early member of the VMCCA and died in Providence RI in Oct 1967 at the age of 74. Does anybody remember his early T Coupe?

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