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1941 Studebaker Commander


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Hi there,<BR>I was hoping that maybe you'd all be willing to answer a few questions I had.<P>I recently found a 1941 two tone blue studebaker. <BR>Body is excellent, no rust noted, interior excellent, chrome excellent, has<BR>a dent about the size of a fist, in the very front between the two lower<BR>fender grills. Trunk lock button was missing, motor is from another 1941<BR>studebaker just like this one, and is not currently attached to transmission at this time.<P>I would like to sell it as is, as I do not have time to invest in working on<BR>it. I would be willing to put some Minimal effort into it.<P>Would you please advise as to what the best way to sell/advertise and what<BR>kind of a price would be reasonable for this?<P>Any tips, suggestions, or comments welcome<P>Thank You,<BR>C.E. Ragon<P><BR>

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