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could you help ????????


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i am looking for some one to help me. i am looking to buy some tyres for my studebaker but i live in the uk (england) the problem i have is that the tyres in the uk cost aprox $150 usd each but i can buy them from coker at the cost of only $58 each i need 5 tyres so i would save $460 usd ok i have shipping costs on top but coker wont ship to the uk (as their agent is the one who is chargeing $150 each) and will only ship to the USA WHAT DO I WANT ????? i am looking for some one whoes address i can send them to and then get them picked up the next day and shipped to the uk i will have paid coker and ups so you wont have to deal with any cash just stick a sticker on the tyres and look after them over nigth if you could help please email me thanks Greg

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