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Rule Changes

Chuck Conrad

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Some of you have recived information about new Judging Rule changes. It is true, change is in the wind as it regards Mandetory Deductions and Automatic Disqualifications. The National Board approved the changes at their April meeting.<P>With the exception of the allowance of appropriate turn signal actuator switches (See "The Judges Corner" on the CCCA Web Site), which came into effect at the Spring Grand Classic, no other changes are effective until the January 2001 Annual Meeting. The July Grand Classics will be judged as usual with the exception of the new allowance of appropriate turn signal actuators. <P>If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.<P>Chuck Conrad<BR>National Awards Chairman<BR>ChuxGarage@aol.com <p>[This message has been edited by Chuck Conrad (edited 05-03-2000).]

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