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1929 Pontiac Marvel Carburetor Question??


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Yet another Question for the 1929 Pontiac...


Caburetor...Marvel..I have it on the bench..cleaning and checking.


The vertical shaft going into the accelerator pump (See image) has a factory pin hole (on carb side) and squirts fuel out of it  when I allow the throttle spring to return to idle position...


  • Is this norm?
  • Will it quit with engine running and under vacuum?...
  • Or.... Is this an indication of something wrong?







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I have owned a Pontiac of every year from 1926 -1932.  At present I only have a  Series 6-30B and five other carbs from 30-31 and a GMC truck.  I never saw a pin hole in the economizer assembly.  Never had one squirt gasoline out when the throttle was closed.  The shaft is a solid shaft so I cannot see how it can have a hole in it and how gasoline would come out of it. Carbking will disagree with my saying 29-32 were very similar and he is right but to us yokels they are, even though not many parts interchange the operation is the same.  I can imagine no reason that gasoline should come out where you describe.  The economizer assembly (not an accelerator pump) is a metering pin which provides for a maximum power fuel supply at wide open throttle and minimum fuel consumption at all normal driving speeds at part throttle.  The economizer remains in action on level road driving up to approximately 50 miles per hour.  None of my carbs have the summer winter adjustment yours does but all the economizer rods appear to be the same solid piece even though they are slightly different in the position of the wider part at the bottom.

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Thanks Tin Indian,


I do appreciate the time you take to post your given experiences with this car type.

I will post some additional pics that gives an actual visual of the orifice in  the mechanism in question..not that it will help any more than my

description..but will help validate my sanity...lol


I always look fwd to your replies on this car as they are usually accompanied by a solution or answer.


May you never run out of patience!...At least not till I'm done with this automobile..haha!.



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Guest 1929 pontiac man

marvel carbs use pot metal aluminum with age they warp and get very brittle i used the universal carter bb-1 it is made of cast iron never warps i used teflon on all threaded screws they do rust so to ease to replacing jets and seals


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