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Attention to all regarding extraordinary gas prices:<P>There will be a Nationwide Gas-Out during the Month of April, from the 7th to the 9th, to<BR>force the "Oil Cartel" to increase production back to norms and reduce the price of<BR>gasoline. This, I had been informed of via email, after reading the Sunday Sun Business<BR>section about 2wks ago. In the posts (as the majority of the section was devoted to the<BR>gas shortage) it presented that the conglomerates in charge of crude oil production,PURPOSEFULLY are cutting production of crude oil by almost half solely to increase profit.<P>There are many graphs and discussions associated that detail past production decreases and profit margins gained and loss. It seems that when the same was attempted last year, the trucking industry "Gased-Out" for one day and they were forced to increase<BR>the production and lower prices. <P>Apparently, our legislature has left this open to the discretion of these "cartels" and<BR>refuse to force an increase without "substantial public outcry" for action. <P>Hence, on April 7-9th, 2000, buy your gas before or after and let's boycott the stations.<P>WE ARE ON STRIKE!!!<P>------------------<BR>D. L. Mc Crea<BR>DIGItal TECHnologies, LLC<BR>Consultants_1@Yahoo.com

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