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Mystery Part~ T-bolt with clip ~50's Edsel Ford ?

Guest junk250

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Guest junk250

I have been reading AACA posts for years and enjoy the forum, and I have a question.

Can anyone Id this part ?

I found a box of these, there was "a clue"...a note on the box that said "Edsel T-Bolts".

If the note is right, I guess it is a late 50's Edsel-Ford part maybe?

I've done a lot of bodywork on old cars(mostly 60's-70's vintage) and I don't recognize this bolt.

I'm guessing some trim/sheet metal fastener of some kind, 1/4 inch T-bolt about 1/2" long with a blind type holder clip/retainer ?

Dashboard, fender , chrome clip ?

These are definitely new old stock, and not reproduction.

The 1st person who can ID, and need a few, I will send you some, no charge.

post-106584-143143000696_thumb.jpg !

Thank's !

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