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need info on misc parts


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I need help identifying certain parts. I own a set (4) of 16" "spats", new in the box, all white, that cover the entire rim (said to fit early GM cars). The hub cap goes in the center and it gives the effect of a wide white wall. What year were these used and how much are they worth today? I also own a pair (rt & lt side) of "Door Awnings", brand new in the box. They are green canvas and they mount on the outside top of the (2) doors. They fold out when used and can be folded back (hinged) when not used. Same question as above: when, on what type of car and current value. Also I have 4 pairs of "door visors" new in the box. They are green/blue plexiglass and they mount on the outside top of the 2 front doors by means of 3 clips and set screws. There is a picture on the box and it seems as though they are mounted on an early 40's or late 30's vehicle. Same questions as above. Please e-mail me if you can provide any info. I am in Southern Ca.

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The white discs were very popular on the early post WW II Chryslers [and possibly other Chrysler products]. Whitewalls were in short supply right after the war and these were a pretty fair substitute. The 16" wheel size is a dead giveway that it was '46-48.<P>The window awnings are no doubt aftermarket [Pep Boys, Western Auto etc.] items that could be used on any car.<P>hvs

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