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Hibernation is over - back to the Riv ! ( finally )

Guest nickdaytona

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Guest nickdaytona

hey guys, good to be back !

After a couple of years of work , houses and yes , cars, I am finally getting to start back on the '65 . My son & I were thinning down the herd and he asked me what I was going to do with the Riv. i replied it was a forever car and even though we still had to do body and paint ( and tranny leaks and floor etc.) it was time to get on it.

Alex then told me something I hadn't expected. he said " good, 'cause that's the sickest car in your whole collection and it needs finishing"

Music to my ears !

We'll keep you posted . We're going to pull the tranny and put the jamco drop in then move onto the motor, which is fine but maybe a cam upgrade is in store to go with the dual quads on the 401 ( still got 'em).

Suggestions welcome !


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Cool to be back on it. I recently got back to mine as well and it feels great doesn't it? Glad you have a smart son to help! That has to be about the most eclectic grouping of cars, have almost all the bases covered. Let's see some shots of the progress.


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