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Unity Spotlights


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I'm writing an article on Unity Spotlights for a new "old car restoration book." Does anyone have any particular questions about Unity Spotlights, any stories about installation problems, unusual photos of old spotlights, laws prohibiting the use of spotlights, anything at all to do with spotlights that would make interesting reading for the article would be helpful. Thanks, Buz<BR>

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I have a pair of these I bought off of Ebay and I like them. They are old but in good shape and have the Unity name on them. What I did find interesting when I bought them was they appeared to be loaded with aircraft landing lights. They were easily coverted to 6 volt bulbs and with a couple of hand made brackets they sit on the front of my car as an auxillary set. I am not sure how a judge will feel about them but I like them anyway.<P>===JIM===

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