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Lincoln V-12 water pumps


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I'm looking for a source for rebuild kits for V-12 Lincoln (1941) water pumps. Both pumps are leaking considerably, and if I go through the trouble of pressing the pumps apart, I might as well replace the bearings and bushings. Any suggestions as to where I might find a kit?

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Guest SalG (Sal Grenci)

Hi, You should use the following for your rebuild, he does not sell kits. Many people on this site have used him. He advertises in Hemmings and Antique Automobile.<P>Arthur Gould<BR>6 Dolores Lane<BR>Fort Salonga, NY 11768<BR>631-754-5010<BR>agouldpump@aol.com<BR>SalG<p>[This message has been edited by SalG (edited 07-08-2000).]

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