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Transmission Downshift Switch


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My '65 Skylark (300-2 w/Auto.) has the Transmission Stator and Detent Switch. I disassembled the switch and found the bakelite contact holder broken but repaired it with some PC-7 (great stuff!). Since the internal parts kind of fell out when I took it apart, I am a little confused about the reassembly and operation of the switch. The plunger that connects to the carb. lever and goes through the rubber boot is not held in place inside the switch unless it is assembled on the car. Is this correct? Also, when the plunger is stroked (to close the contacts) and then released it does not seem to return to its original no contact position even though I think the steel spring plate is properly positioned in the bottom of the switch housing. If anyone has disassembled one of these switches and/or knows how the internal components are positioned and how the switch works, I would be grateful for any information you could provide.<BR>Regards, Jim

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