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Early Olds, Cadillac, Pontiac dual range flywheels CHEAP

Guest Blownolds

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Guest Blownolds

Selling off my early dual-range hydramatic flywheels, super cheap for 60-year old flywheels.

The teeth on these are machined into the plate, not a pressed-on ring gear... so chipped teeth cannot reasonably be fixed.

Might be a good idea to grab spares now while you can get them (and after this ad has run its course, the remainder will be going to China)...

(also, you might consider getting what you need, if you plan on modifying to fit something else like FE Ford or Chrysler hemi, etc. etc. for that old gasser project)

What I have left is:

303 Olds (145 tooth), $20/ea (have a few)

early Pontiac, $20 (have 1 or maybe 2)

early Cadillac (same as Olds except there is an extra dowel pin hole for the crank), much harder to get than Olds.... $25 (have 1 or maybe 2)

Add mailing costs from CA.

Can only mail to the 48 continental USA, everywhere else will cost too much.

If you are local to either Big bear Lake or Redlands, CA, then we could just meet up.

If interested, e-mail me direct at blown394olds@yahoo.com instead of PM'ing me, thanks!

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