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Pre-'16 and Orphan Lit 4 Sale

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Hi:<P>I'm liquidating another portion of our collection of original Brass era and Orphan literature, and related books and magazines from '01 to '29. These are from the collection of one of the founders of the Horseless Carriage Club.<P>About 100 items will be auctioned this month on eBay. All $5 starting bid, no reserve.<P>Here's a link for a photo gallery of items currently up for auction:<P><A HREF="http://www.auctiva.com/showcase/as_4sale.asp?uid=magazine_guy&hint=190%2A+191%2A+192%2A+Brass+Orphan+Annual&tab=search&logic=OR" TARGET=_blank>Brass/Orphan Auction Gallery</A><P>I'll be listing additional items every couple days during May. Happy Bidding!<P>Steve<P>steve@automemories.com

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Updating this with some specific items (most are color catalogs) I have up at auction now:<P>1931 Stutz<BR>1916 Book of Locomobile<BR>1921 Velie<BR>1925 Jewett<BR>1914 Motor Mag<BR>1911 Alco Prestige<BR>1919 Cycle Auto Trade Journal<BR>1906 Thomas Flyer<BR>1916 Maxwell<BR>1916 Ford Model T (book)<BR>1917 Milburn Electric Prestige <BR>1930 Packard Portfolio<BR>1930 Auburn<BR>1917 Reo Custom Bodies<BR>1916 Metz<BR>1927 Stearns-Knight<BR>1906 Reo<BR>1920 King<BR>1920 Elcar<BR>1920 Buick<BR>1907 Scientific American Auto Issue<BR>1906 Franklin Prestige<BR>1916 Reo Prestige<BR>1920 Elgin Portfolio<BR>1928 Kissel White Eagle<BR>1926 Peerless<BR>1924 Kissel Custom<BR>1920 Lafayette<BR>1904 Scientific American- auto racing<BR>1907 Scientific American- auto racint<BR>1919 Stanley Steamer<BR>1910 Horseless age<P>All at auction now, $5 opener, No Reserve. I'll continue listing until the end of the month (a 1906 Peerless prestige piece goes up tomorrow). Photo Gallery of these here:<P><A HREF="http://www.automemories.com" TARGET=_blank>AutoMemories Auto Literature</A><P>Happy bidding!<P>Steve<p>[ 05-17-2002: Message edited by: Sblake ]

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