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Russian Volga M 21 for sale


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I am owner of a Volga M 21, a real russian oldtimer, which was produced in<BR>1963, in USSR. I live in Latvia, Riga, and I am very interested in selling this<BR>car as soon as possible because of restructurization in Rigas Motors Museum (it<BR>is the only one old-timer museum in Latvia, with awesome number of units in it,<BR>there is even one Auto Union, and other valuable units). Since october 1995.<BR>the car was in exposition of museum, but now I<P>am not able to keep it there any longer, and I have made a decision to sell it.<BR>Tehnical data:<BR>Car is produced in 1963, in USSR. The full model name is "Volga M 21", engine:<BR>straight four, 2,4 litre, 2 valves per cil.,72. PS,<P>max. speed 130 km/h. All tehnical equipment in car is fully original (even<BR>radio from 1963 in working condition), run is only 150<P>000 km. The car has even the original paint on it, colour of grey (car has not<BR>been used much, not in winters etc.) Condition,<P>both tehnical and visual is very good.<P>Approximate price for my Volga M 21 would be no less than 3000 USD.<P>If you have interest in my Volga, please contact me by email -<BR> "gintsa@inbox.lv" or phone + 371 9268699. My postal adress is<BR>"Zaru st. 6, Sigulda, Latvia, LV 2150"<P>Maris Apsancs

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